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Aggregator Value Proposition

This section has a bit of a marketing feel, but below is the service level we want to reach with the Cargo Protocol Aggregator during its first year of existence on Mainnet.

Improved grasp on the portfolio of LP tokens under active management in Uniswap V3-style DEXs

Aggregator helps the user to track and manage their entire Uniswap V3-style LP Management exposure in one place. User can re-distribute it if they want to feed a different strategy. Finally, they can quickly scan their exposure across multiple rebalancers and pull out of selected protocols if markets get too hairy.

All main data for related analytics in one place

The Aggregator also provides useful LP management/rebalancer sector analytics to the users and to potential users. It helps to see how the sector is developing, from TVL to yields, spot new opportunities, analyse historical data to aid users’ decision making.

Seamless integration with market-leading rebalancers

Whether the user has LP tokens or single name assets in their wallet, the Aggregator will format them to the required shape for a given rebalancer. This greatly simplifies things when a user wants to move funds between rebalancers or wants to convert their Uni V2 into Uni V3 LP exposure.

Enhanced privacy

There is an additional small edge in terms of privacy that became obvious after a few recent findings. Using an aggregator places an additional routing point between the user and the uniswap v3 style exchange that their rebalancer is managing the tokens on. Hence, intrusive analytics or monitoring tools will have a harder time at linking the LP tokens to the user’s wallet.