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Tell us about the project. What is it meant to achieve for its users?

Cargo Labs is building an aggregator for rebalancer protocols that provide LP token management strategies on Uniswap V3-style exchanges.

Why are you called Cargo Protocol?

Simply put, it reflects our project's aspirations. Shipping containers standardised and unlocked significant value in international trade by reducing the transaction costs attributed to coordinating the shipping of goods. Our aggregator should make the process of moving liquidity across Uni V3 rebalancers consistent and simple.

How does the protocol generate revenue?

Precise economics of this approach are still being worked on. The most straightforward approach would be to take a small fee when the user is depositing their tokens to a selected strategy via Cargo Protocol.

How did you come up with this idea?

While we did a few pivots since the core team members decided to work together, the aggregator implementation is relatively new. Initially it was presented at ETHGlobal hackathon in November 2021 (UniCode), where it won first prize for a novel concept and joint pool prize. You can find the showcase submission here:

Which LP Management protocols / rebalancers do you plan to integrate your Aggregator with?

All of them! The list of the protocols we plan to integrate with can be found on the Roadmap. We review and update it regularly.

How big is your team?

3 developers, 2 bus dev / analysts.